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Handcrafted Celtic Lyres

Welcome to Sam Irwin Lyres. We focus on making affordable lyres for sale to the world-wide lyre-playing community and on spreading the use of the instrument as far and wide as possible.


Our instruments range from inexpensive children's lyres to exclusive but competitively priced master lyres.


All of our lyres for sale are inspired by the award-winning and internationally known Celtic Lyre, originally designed in 1994

Lyre maker for the world-wide market

We can make and deliver your lyres to any world-wide location. As experienced players and makers we are confident our instruments rate among the finest available anywhere. They have been exhibited and sold all over the world, including Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Europe, USA, Japan and the UK and Ireland.


All of our lyres have a sweet clear tone, an even response and excellent sustain. The entire range is robust, extremely stable and designed to be light, comfortable to hold and easy to play.


Sam Irwin Lyres are the result of nearly 20 years of development, refinement and design improvements in the hands of a master luthier.


There is a lifetime guarantee in normal care and use

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